sy-restore(1) restore old or deleted files


sy restore [-r | --revision=<revision>] [-t | --target=<filename>]


This command restores old or deleted files from the remote storage.

As long as a file is known to the local database and the corresponding chunks are available on the remote storage, it can be restored using this command. The command downloads the required chunks and assembles the file.

If no target revision is given with -r, the last version is restored. To select a revision to restore, the `sy ls` command can be used.


-r, --revision=<revision>
Selects a certain revision/version to restore. If no revision is given, the last revision is used.

-t, --target=<file>
Defines the target output filename to restore the file to. If this option is not given, the default filename is the filename of the restored file version, appended with a "restored" suffix. All folders given in the target filename will be created.

Identifier of the file history as printed by the `sy ls` command. The file identifier and a revision/version number uniquely identify a single version of a file at a certain point in time. The identifier can be abbreviated if it is unique in the database.


sy restore 3168ab663e
Restores the last version of the file with identifier 3168ab663e. If the database knows three versions of this file, the second file will be restored. Assuming that the original filename was 'folder/file.txt', the target filename will be 'folder/file (restored).txt'. If 'folder' does not exist, it will be created.

sy restore --revision=1 --target=restored-file.txt 3168ab663e
Restores version 1 of the file with the identifier 3168ab663e to the target file 'restored-file.txt'. If this file exists, an error will be thrown.


Syncany 0.4.7-alpha, Distributed under GPLv3, Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Philipp C. Heckel