sylseg-sk-training(1) train the statistic for the syllabic segmentation


sylseg-sk-training [--color] [--dl debug level] [--help] [<input file>]


The sylabic segmentation is esential for some linguistic or speech recognition applications. Depending on the language either rule based or statistical approach is beying used. For Slovak the statistical approach seems to be more suitable.

sylseg-sk-training creates the necessary data for one of the statistical approaches for the syllabic segmentation. The input data are expected to be word segmented into syllables. The syllabic separator should be "-". If no input file is specified, the standard input is expected. The output is written in to the file. The filename is input filename with the extension ".statistics". If standard input is used, then the output filename is syl_output.statistics.

The design of the sylseg-sk-training is language independent. Theoretically it should work for any language.


Enable color output.
Set the debug level. Control the amount of displayed information The debug level 0 displays nothing. The maximum level 5 displays full debugging report. The default debug level is 1.
display a short help text


Use file aaa.txt as training input and set up debug level to 3:
sylseg-sk-training --dl 3 aaa.txt


sylseg-sk-training returns a zero if the training succeeds


Jozef Ivanecky (dodo (at)