symphony(1) mixed-integer linear program (MILP) solver


symphony [ -hagrtbd ] [ -u ub ] [ -p procs ] [ -n rule ] [ -v level ] [ -s cands ] [ -c rule ] [ -k rule ] [ -m max ] [ -l pools ] [ -i iters ] [ -f parameter_file_name ] [-j 0/1] [-o tree_out_file]


This manual page briefly documents the symphony command.

symphony is a generic MILP solver that can be invoked from the command line (through an interactive shell or in a batch mode), or by linking to the provided callable library. When no options are given symphony enters the interactive shell mode. Otherwise the program enters the batch mode, for which a summary of options is included below.


At a minimum, one must specify the name of the file to be read and solved.
no cut timeout
enable graph drawing
use cut generator
do repricing in root
trim the tree
don't perform branch and cut
-u ub
use upper bound 'ub'
-p procs
allow 'procs' active nodes
-n i
use node selection rule 'i'
-v i
set verbosity to level 'i'
-s cands
use 'cands' candidates for strong branching
-k i
use rule 'i' to select child
-m n
allow a max of 'n' cuts to enter per iteration
-e n
allow a max of 'n' cut pools
-l n k
load balance level 'n' and iterations 'k'
-i n
allow a max of 'n' iterations in presolve
-f file
read parameters from parameter file 'file'
-j 0/1
whether or not to generate cgl cuts
-z n
set diving threshold to 'n'
-o file
output vbc-like tree information to file 'file'
Solver-specific switches:
symphony [ -H ] [ -FL file ]
help (solver-specific switches)
-F model
model should be read in from file 'model' (MPS format is assumed unless -D is also present)
-L model
LP format model should be read in from file 'model'
-D data
model is in AMPL format and data is in file 'data'


symphony was written by Ted Ralphs

This manual page was written by Aramian Wasielak <[email protected]>, based on "symphony -h" and clp.1, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).