synaesthesia(1) visual sound display


synaesthesia [--use-sdl] [--use-x] [--use-svga] [--fullscreen] [--width w] [--height h] input


Synaestheia is a program for representing audio graphically in real time using an attractive variety of visual effects. It reads sound data from input and displays the visual representation through svgalib, X or SDL.

While synaesthesia is running, moving the mouse over the window will expose a set of audio and other runtime controls.

Force display via SDL.
Force display via svgalib (i386 architecture only).
Force display via X.
Attempt a full-screen display (requires a fast machine).
--width w
Specify a width for the window.
--height h
Specify a height for the window.
input as cd | line | esd | pipe frequency
Audio source; this should be one of cd, line, esd, or pipe. When using a pipe source, the sample frequency (e.g. 44100) must be specified; synaesthesia will expect a 16-bit stereo PCM stream on standard input. The sound will be played to the audio device.


synaesthesia esd
synaesthesia cd
synaesthesia line
ogg123 -d raw -f - song.ogg | synaesthesia pipe 44100


Synaesthesia was written by Paul Harrison <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Devin Carraway <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).