syncbbdb-bootstrap(1) synchronize BBDB with Palm device


syncbbdb-bootstrap [ -port port ] [ -bbdb file ] -ids file -trans file


This script allows you to synchronize your Palm addressbooks and your BBDB data without using PilotManager(1). If you use PilotManager, this script is unncecessary.


-ids file
The location of the ids file. This file is used to track changes in BBDB and Pilot (especially for a full sync). If you aren't using PilotManager(1) this can be any name but it should always be the same file (eg. ~/.bbdb.ids)
-trans file
The translation file. This file provides a mapping between the fields in the bbdb records and fields in the pilot records. The format is one entry per line:
<pilot name> <bbdb name>
It is case sensitive
-port port

 Port for pilot (defaults to /dev/pilot, or the environment variable PILOTPORT if set).
-bbdb filename
The location of your bbdb file (defaults to ~/.bbdb).