syrthes2ensight(1) Convert Syrthes geometry and result files to Ensight format


syrthes2ensight [-d] [-q] syr.geom syr.res ensight_file
syrthes2ensight -g [-d] [-q] syr.geom ensight_file
syrthes2ensight -r [-d] [-q] syr.res ensight_file
syrthes2ensight -h


This manual page documents briefly the syrthes2ensight command.

syrthes2ensight can convert both Syrthes .geom and .res files. Input parameters depend on the way syrthes2ensight is invoked.

Most of the time syrthes2ensight is invoked with three parameters:

       syrthes2ensight [options] syr.geom syr.res ensight_file

Geometrical file generated by syrthes.
Result file generated by syrthes. It can be either a single time step result file or a chrono file containing several time steps. In the latter all time steps will be handled.
Output Ensight file generated by syrthes2ensight.

To process a geometrical file only:

       syrthes2ensight -g [options] syr.geom ensight_file

To process a result file only:

       syrthes2ensight -r [options] syr.resu ensight_file

A detailed documentation is available at <>


Split P2 elements into P1 elements.
Use only a geometry file as input. No result file should be provided.
Display a short syrthes2ensight usage message
Keep quadratic elements (default: convert into P1 elements).
Use only a result file as input. No geometry file should be provided.


Syrthes was written by EDF S.A. <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Gilles Filippini <[email protected]> for Debian.