syrthes4ensight(1) Convert Syrthes geometry and result files to Ensight format


syrthes4ensight [options] -m file.syr [-r file.res] -o ensight_file
syrthes4ensight -h


This manual page documents briefly the syrthes4ensight command. A detailed documentation is available at <>

syrthes4ensight can convert SYRTHES geometry and - optionaly - results files.


-m file.syr
Use SYRTHES file file.syr as input.
-r file.res
Use SYRTHES result file file.res as additional input. Result file generated by syrthes. It can be either a single time step result file or a chrono file containing several time steps. In the latter all time steps will be handled.
-o ensight_file
Define the name of the output Ensight file.
Output Ensight gold binary files.
For binary files only : no geometry writing
no writing of surfacic parts
no writing of volumic parts
no writing of the whole domain (only volumic parts are written)
Display a short syrthes4ensight usage message


 syrthes4ensight          -m file.syr -r file.res -o ensight_file
 syrthes4ensight --noSurf -m file.syr -r file.res -o ensight_file
 syrthes4ensight  -b      -m file.syr -r file.res -o ensight_file
 syrthes4ensight  -b -u   -m file.syr -r file.res -o ensight_file
 syrthes4ensight          -m file.syr             -o ensight_file   (mesh conversion only)


Syrthes was written by EDF S.A. <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Gilles Filippini <[email protected]> for Debian from the syrthes4ensight help text.