syrthes_create_case(1) Create a new Syrthes case


syrthes_create_case directory [file]


This manual page documents briefly the syrthes_create_case command.

syrthes_create_case creates a new Syrthes case into the directory directory. This directory must not exist for the command to succeed.
Once the case is created the new directory should contains the following tree:

    |-- Makefile
    |-- syrthes.env
    |-- syrthes.ray
    `-- usr
        |-- cfluvs.F
        |-- cphyso.F
        |-- initmp.F
        |-- inrefa.F
        |-- limfso.F
        |-- limray.F
        `-- limsol.F

A detailed documentation about how to customize these files to suit your case is available at <>

One your case is ready to run you can build the syrthes exe using the provided makefile.


Syrthes was written by EDF S.A. <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Gilles Filippini <[email protected]> for Debian.