t-rex(1) create TFTP bootable ECOFF images for DECstations with REX firmware


/usr/bin/t-rex -k kernel -r ramdisk [-l loader] [-o outfile]


t-rex creates a bootable ECOFF image for a DECstation from a kernel in ELF format and a (compressed) ramdisk image. After the image has been booted, the t-rex loader moves kernel and ramdisk to their appropriate memory locations and starts the kernel with the ramdisk as root filesystem. This is done by providing the kernel with the ramdisk start address rd_start= and the ramdisk size rd_size= as kernel commandline parameters.

Kernels generated from the Debian kernel-patch-*-mips package support this way of parameter passing, upstream kernels might need a patch.


-k kernel
The ELF kernel image to use.
-r ramdisk
The gzip-compressed ramdisk image to use.
-l loader
The loader binary to use in creating the image. The default loader is /usr/lib/delo/t-rex-loader.
-o outfile
The name of the ECOFF image to create. Without this parameter, the resulting image is output on stdout.


Thiemo Seufer <[email protected]>
Manpage written by Karsten Merker <[email protected]>