tails-installer(1) installs a LiveCD ISO onto a USB stick


tails-installer [OPTIONS] [FILE]


-c, --console

Use console mode instead of the GUI.

-f, --force

Force the use of a given drive.

-s, --safe

Use the "safe, slow and stupid" bootloader.

-n, --noverify

Skip checksum verification.

-v, --verbose

Output extra debugging messages.

-u, --unprivileged

Allow not being root.

-k, --extra-kernel-args

Supply extra kernel arguments. E.g. -k noswap,selinux=0,elevator=noop.

-x, --no-xo

Disable OLPC support.

-m, --reset-mbr

Reset the Master Boot Record.

-C, --device-checksum

Calculate the SHA1 of the device.

-L, --liveos-checksum

Calculate the SHA1 of the Live OS.

-H, --hash

Use a specific checksum algorithm (default: sha1).


Clone the currently running Live system.

-P, --partition

Partition the device.


Optionally specify path to ISO file.


This manual page was written by intrigeri <[email protected]>.