tainting(3) Enable taint mode lexically


version 0.01


To enable tainting in a lexical block:

use tainting;
# tainting is enabled
# tainting is disabled again

To disable tainting in a lexical block:

 use tainting;
     no tainting;
     # tainting is disabled
 # tainting is enabled again


This module provides a simpler interface to Taint::Runtime. The idea is so that there is no functions or variables to import. Just "use" or "no", like warnings or strict. Tainting of %ENV will be done one time automatically the first time this module is used.

Please (PLEASE) read Taint::Runtime's documentation first about the pro's and con's of enabling/disabling tainting at runtime. TL;DR: Use -T if you can.


Steven Haryanto <[email protected]>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Steven Haryanto.

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