Tangram::Sybase(3) Orthogonal Object Persistence in Sybase databases


use Tangram;
use Tangram::Sybase;
$schema = Tangram::Sybase->schema( $hashref );
Tangram::Sybase->deploy($schema, $dbh);

$storage = Tangram::Sybase->connect( $schema,
$data_source, $username, $password );
Tangram::Sybase->retreat($schema, $dbh);


This is the entry point in the Sybase-specific object-relational persistence backend.

Sybase only supports a single prepared statement per connection. This backend disables the usage of prepared statements.

The vanilla Relational backend may not be used with Sybase databases.


This backend does not add any methods; for a description of available methods, see Tangram::Relational.


This backend has not been tested in quite some time. Is the database even called "Sybase" any more?