tao_nsadd(1) Naming Service add utility.


tao_nsadd [-ORBoptions ] [OPTION ...]


tao_nsadd adds or replaces new entry to the NamingService.

tao_nsadd requires a running NamingService.


The program follows the usual TAO ORB command line syntax. See TAO_ORB_Options(1).
--ns IOR

  Use NamingService IOR instead of default.
--name name

  Register name in NamingService.
IOR of the object to be registered.
If --ctx is NOT given; binds a final object.
If both --ior and --ctx are specified; binds the existing "naming context specified.
If --ctx is given without --ior; binds a new naming context.
Replace the existing bindings of the same type (object or context).
Do not display all ID/Kinds found/created.
--ctxsep character
Set context separation character, defaults to "/".
--kindsep character
Set ID/Kind separation character, defaults to ".".


Simon Massey <[email protected]>

Carlos O'Ryan <[email protected]>

Paul Caffrey <[email protected]>