tao_nsdel(1) Naming Service delete utility.


tao_nsdel [-ORBoptions ] [OPTION ...]


tao_nsdel deletes an entry from the NamingService.

tao_nsdel requires a running NamingService.


The program follows the usual TAO ORB command line syntax. See TAO_ORB_Options(1).
--ns IOR

  Use NamingService IOR instead of default.
--name name

  Delete the entry with name in NamingService.
Destroy a naming context before unbinding, otherwise orphan it.
Do not display all ID/Kinds found/deleted.
--ctxsep character
Set context separation character, defaults to "/".
--kindsep character
Set ID/Kind separation character, defaults to ".".
--rtt seconds
Set the relative round trip timeout policy to seconds.


Carlos O'Ryan <[email protected]>

Paul Caffrey <[email protected]>

Simon Massey <[email protected]>