TAP::Formatter::JUnit(3) Harness output delegate for JUnit output


On the command line, with prove:

prove --formatter TAP::Formatter::JUnit ...

Or, in your own scripts:

  use TAP::Harness;
  my $harness = TAP::Harness->new( {
      formatter_class => 'TAP::Formatter::JUnit',
      merge => 1,
  } );


This code is currently in alpha state and is subject to change.

"TAP::Formatter::JUnit" provides JUnit output formatting for "TAP::Harness".

By default (e.g. when run with prove), the entire test suite is gathered together into a single JUnit XML document, which is then displayed on "STDOUT". You can, however, have individual JUnit XML files dumped for each individual test, by setting c<PERL_TEST_HARNESS_DUMP_TAP> to a directory that you would like the JUnit XML dumped to. Note, that this will also cause "TAP::Harness" to dump the original TAP output into that directory as well (but IMHO that's ok as you've now got the data in two parsable formats).

Timing information is included in the JUnit XML, if you specified "--timer" when you ran prove.

In standard use, ``passing TODOs'' are treated as failure conditions (and are reported as such in the generated JUnit). If you wish to treat these as a ``pass'' and not a ``fail'' condition, setting "ALLOW_PASSING_TODOS" in your environment will turn these into pass conditions.

The JUnit output generated is partial to being grokked by Hudson (<http://hudson.dev.java.net/>). That's the build tool I'm using at the moment and needed to be able to generate JUnit output for.


List-ref of test suites that have been executed.
An "XML::Generator" instance, to be used to generate XML output.


open_test($test, $parser)
Over-ridden "open_test()" method.

Creates a "TAP::Formatter::JUnit::Session" session, instead of a console formatter session.

Prints the summary report (in JUnit) after all tests are run.
Adds the given XML test $suite to the list of test suites that we've executed and need to summarize.


Graham TerMarsch <[email protected]>

Many thanks to Andy Armstrong et al. for the fabulous set of tests in "Test::Harness"; they became the basis for the unit tests here.

Other thanks go out to those that have provided feedback, comments, or patches:

  Mark Aufflick
  Joe McMahon
  Michael Nachbaur
  Marc Abramowitz
  Colin Robertson
  Phillip Kimmey
  Dave Lambley


Copyright 2008-2010, Graham TerMarsch. All Rights Reserved.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.