TAU_REGISTER_FORK(3) Informs the measurement system that a fork has taken place



TAU_REGISTER_FORK(int pid, enum TauFork_t option);


To register a child process obtained from the fork() syscall, invoke the TAU_REGISTER_FORK macro. It takes two parameters, the first is the node id of the child process (typically the process id returned by the fork call or any 0..N-1 range integer). The second parameter specifies whether the performance data for the child process should be derived from the parent at the time of fork ( TAU_INCLUDE_PARENT_DATA ) or should be independent of its parent at the time of fork ( TAU_EXCLUDE_PARENT_DATA ). If the process id is used as the node id, before any analysis is done, all profile files should be converted to contiguous node numbers (from 0..N-1). It is highly recommended to use flat contiguous node numbers in this call for profiling and tracing.


C/C++ :

pID = fork();
if (pID == 0) {
  printf("Parent : pid returned %d\n", pID)
}  else { 
  // If we'd used the TAU_INCLUDE_PARENT_DATA, we get
  // the performance data from the parent in this process
  // as well.
  printf("Child : pid = %d", pID);