tau_wrap(1) Instruments an external library with TAU without needing to recompile


tau_wrap {pdbfile} {sourcefile} [-o outputfile] [-g groupname] [-i headerfile] [-f selectivefile]


A pdb file generated by cparse, cxxparse, or f90parse; these commands are found in the [PDT_HOME]/[arch]/bin directory.
The source file corresponding to the pdbfile.
-o outputfile
The filename of the resulting instrumented source file.
-g groupname
This associates all the functions profiled as belonging to the this group. Once profiled you will be able to analysis these functions separately.
-i headerfile
By default tau_wrap will include Profile/Profile.h; use this option to specify a different header file.
-f selectivefile
You can specify a selective instrumentation file that defines how the source file is to be instrumented.


%> tau_wrap hdf5.h.pdb hdf5.h -o hdf5.inst.c -f select.tau -g hdf5

This specifies the instrumented wrapper library source (hdf5.inst.c), the instrumentation specification file (select.tau) and the group (hdf5). It creates the wrapper/ directory.