tcl::transform::rot(3) rot-encryption


package require Tcl 8.6

package require tcl::transform::core ?1?

package require tcl::transform::rot ?1?

::tcl::transform::rot chan key


The tcl::transform::rot package provides a command creating a channel transformation which performs primitive encryption (on writing) and decryption (on reading) on the alphabetic characters. The algorithm is the Caesar-cipher, a specific variant of which is rot13.

A related transformations in this module is tcl::transform::otp.

The internal TclOO class implementing the transform handler is a sub-class of the tcl::transform::core framework.


::tcl::transform::rot chan key
This command creates a rot encryption transformation on top of the channel chan and returns its handle.

The "key" specifies how far characters are rotated in the alphabet, and is wrapped to the range "0...25".

Note that this transformation affects only bytes in the ranges ASCII 65...90, and 97...122, i.e. the upper- and lower-case alphabetic characters, i.e. "A...Z" and "a...z". All other bytes are passed through unchanged.


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caesar cipher, channel transformation, cipher, decryption, encryption, reflected channel, rot, rot13, tip 230, transformation, virtual channel




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