tcpdump2xplot(1) converts tcpdump output to xplot input for analysis


tcpdump2xplot [-? ] [-c ] [-help ] [-list[filename] ] [-plot[filename] ] [-q ] [-r ] [-s ] [-t ] [-w ]


tcpdump2xplot takes the output of
tcpdump -tt -S ...
and plots it in terms of sequence-number versus time, with other info displayed (e.g., the TCP window, acks, etc.).


-?, -help prints a help message. -c, ``cumulative'', adds all the data coming from a server. -list[filename] prints the list of generated plot files to filename. -plot[filename] plots the packets from filename. The filename may be built out of a hostname and port number, e.g.: The default is
where fromhost, fromport, thost, toport are extracted as conversations from the tcpdump data. -q means "quiet" --- no visible output. -r means use relative sequence numbers. -s means break up conversations on TCP syns. -t convert time to decimal number of seconds. -w plots the TCP window.



tcpdump2xplot may not deal properly with output from tcpdump that is not TCP. Either filter to only tcp or be careful.


The tcpdump2xplot has been contributed by users. Thanks to Garret Wollman for contributing the original script and thanks to Eric Prud'hommeaux (@ for making <> available, a much improved version. The one included here is a slightly improved version of Eric's.