tcpwatch-httpproxy(1) program to record your HTTP request


tcpwatch-httpproxy [-Llisten_port:dest_port] [-Llisten_port:dest_hostname:dest_port] [-Llisten_port:listen_host:dest_hostname:dest_port]


This manual page documents briefly the tcpwatch-httpproxy command.

tcpwatch-httpproxy is a program that allows you to record HTTP request for later replay


show a summary about options and commands
set up a proxy process that you can attach your browser to. See above for arguments.
-v, --version
Show version of program.


tcpwatch-httpproxy was written by Shane Hathaway, but under the name 'tcpwatch'.

This manual page was written by Toni Mueller <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).