techbook(1) Call the TechBook markup language interpreter


techbook [options] [INPUT FILE]


ITechBook is a simple markup language. This command compiles a TechBook document into a PDF, using Ruby's PDF::Writer module.


techbook can be called using the following options:
-n, --no-cache
By default, the techbook command will generate the PDF document and a cached version of the document. If the input file is "test.pwd", then both "test.pdf" and "test._mc" will be generated. This switch disables the generation of the _mc file.
-f, --force-regen
If the input file is older than the generated cache document (if one exists), then the techbook command will regenerate the document. This option forces the cache to be regenerated.
-z, --compress
The resulting PDF is by default not compressed. Specifying this option compresses the PDF. It can only be applied if the document is being generated from the original document, not from a cached version.
Specifies the source filename to be processed. If no input file is specified, it defaults to Imanual.pwd.


This manual page was written by Gunnar Wolf <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/linux system (but may be used by others).

PDF::Writer is Copyright © 2003-2005 Austin Ziegler.