tei2mod(1) tool to convert TEI P5 source into a SWORD module


tei2mod outputpath teisource [OPTIONS]


This utility is used to create SWORD module from a slightly modified TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) P5 formatted XML source document. The resulting module will be saved in the outputpath specified.


Specifies use of ZIP compression. The default is no compression.
Specifies use of LZSS compression. The default is no compression.
-s [2|4]
Specifies maximum text size per entry. The default is 4.
-c cipher_key
Specifies that the output will be enciphered with the supplied cipher_key. The default is plain text output (no encipherment).
Disables conversion to UTF-8 and normalization of UTF-8 to NFC. The default is to convert to UTF-8, if needed, and then normalize to NFC. Note that all UTF-8 texts should be normalized to NFC.


The input format is a subset of TEI P5 with added elements borrowed from OSIS for verse references. The resulting custom TEI schema is available at http://www.crosswire.org/osis/teiP5osis.1.4.xsd


This man page was written by Jonathan Marsden <[email protected]> for the Debian project but may be used by others.