telggz(1) GGZ Telnet Wrapper


This is a very simple line-orientated core client for the GGZ Gaming Zone. It can be used remotely over telnet/netcat connections, which makes it possible to chat in GGZ rooms from everywhere in the world. Just connect to port 15688 on a GGZ server, such as Playing games is not possible with telggz, it merely resembles a basic chat program such as chat(1).

TelGGZ doesn't support any command line argument, instead it is supposed to be run via inetd or xinetd. Please see the accompaigning documentation for invocation examples.


At first, a server must be selected, and a guest login is performed using a user name which is not registered yet. A list of possible commands can then be obtain with the /help command. For example, /join <id> joins another room, and /who lists all the people in the current room. All input starting with a slash (/) is considered to be a command, while all other input is sent as a chat message. It is recommended to press the Return key before writing a long message to prevent the message to be overwritten by others.


The GGZ Development Team <[email protected]>