Template class for data(3) that is organized as QVector.

Other Alias



#include <qwt_series_data.h>

Inherits QwtSeriesData< T >.

Public Member Functions

QwtArraySeriesData ()

QwtArraySeriesData (const QVector< T > &)

void setSamples (const QVector< T > &)

const QVector< T > samples () const

virtual size_t size () const

virtual T sample (size_t) const

Protected Attributes

QVector< T > d_samples

Detailed Description

template<typename T> class QwtArraySeriesData< T >

Template class for data, that is organized as QVector.

QVector uses implicit data sharing and can be passed around as argument efficiently.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T > QwtArraySeriesData< T >::QwtArraySeriesData ()


template<typename T> QwtArraySeriesData< T >::QwtArraySeriesData (const QVector< T > &samples)Constructor


samples Array of samples

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T > T QwtArraySeriesData< T >::sample (size_ti) const [virtual]Return a sample


i Index


Sample at position i

Implements QwtSeriesData< T >.

template<typename T > const QVector< T > QwtArraySeriesData< T >::samples () constReturns:

Array of samples

template<typename T> void QwtArraySeriesData< T >::setSamples (const QVector< T > &samples)Assign an array of samples


samples Array of samples

template<typename T > size_t QwtArraySeriesData< T >::size () const [virtual]Returns:

Number of samples

Implements QwtSeriesData< T >.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename T> QVector<T> QwtArraySeriesData< T >::d_samples [protected]

Vector of samples.


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