teqser(1) texture pre-processor from Aqsis Renderer, a 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard


teqser [options] infile outfile


-h, -help
Print this help and exit
Print version information and exit
-v, -verbose=integer
Set log output level 0 = errors 1 = warnings (default) 2 = information 3 = debug
[none|lzw|packbits|deflate] (default: none)
-envcube px nx py ny pz nz
produce a cubeface environment map from 6 images.
produce a latlong environment map from an image file.
produce a shadow map from a z file.
s wrap [black|periodic|clamp] (default: black)
(equivalent to swrap for BMRT compatibility)
t wrap [black|periodic|clamp] (default: black)
(equivalent to twrap for BMRT compatibility)
wrap s&t [black|periodic|clamp]
s (equivalent to wrap for BMRT compatibility)
[box|bessel|catmull-rom|disk|gaussian|sinc|triangle|mitchell] (default: box)
[>=0.0f] (default: 90)
-swidth, -sfilterwidth=float
s width [>0.0f] (default: 1)
-twidth, -tfilterwidth=float
t width [>0.0f] (default: 1)
-width, -filterwidth=float
width [>0.0f] set both swidth and twidth (default: -1)
[>=1.0f && <= 100.0f] (default: 70)
[>=2.0f && <= 2048.0f] (default: 128)
[up|down|round|up-|down-|round-] (default: up) Not used, for BMRT compatibility only!

compiled Jun 5 2012 15:57:41


This manual page was created by Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <[email protected]> for Debian, with the help of 'help2man'. The original Aqsis project doesn't ship manual pages.