Text::MeCab::Dict(3) Utility To Work With MeCab Dictionary


use Text::MeCab::Dict;
my $dict = Text::MeCab::Dict->new(
dict_source => "/path/to/mecab-ipadic-source"
surface => $surface, # 表層形
left_id => $left_id, # 左文脈ID
right_id => $right_id, # 右文脈ID
cost => $cost, # コスト
pos => $part_of_speech, # 品詞
category1 => $category1, # 品詞細分類1
category2 => $category2, # 品詞細分類2
category3 => $category3, # 品詞細分類3
# XXX this below two parameter names need blessing from a knowing
# expert, and is subject to change
inflect => $inflect, # 活用形
inflect_type => $inflect_type, # 活用型
original => $original, # 原形
yomi => $yomi, # 読み
pronounce => $pronounce, # 発音
extra => \@extras, # ユーザー設定



Creates a new instance of Text::MeCab::Dict.

The path to the source of mecab-ipadic is required:

  my $dict = Text::MeCab::Dict->new(
    dict_source => "/path/to/mecab-ipadic-source"

If you are in an environment where mecab-config is NOT available, you must also specify libexecdir, which is where mecab-dict-index is installed:

  my $dict = Text::MeCab::Dict->new(
    dict_source => "/path/to/mecab-ipadic-source",
    libexecdir  => "/path/to/mecab/libexec/",


Adds a new entry to be appended to the dictionary. Please see SYNOPSIS for arguments.


Writes out the entries that were added via add() to the specified file location. If the file name does not look like an absolute path, the name will be treated relatively from dict_source


Rebuilds the index. This usually requires that you are have root privileges