textureQueryLod(3) compute the level-of-detail that would be used to sample from a texture


vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler1D sampler, float P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler2D sampler, vec2 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler3D sampler, vec3 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsamplerCube sampler, vec3 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler1DArray sampler, float P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler2DDArray sampler, vec2 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsamplerCubeArray sampler, vec3 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler1DShadow sampler, float P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler2DShadow sampler, vec2 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsamplerCubeShadow sampler, vec3 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler1DArrayShadow sampler, float P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsampler2DArrayShadow sampler, vec2 P);
vec2 textureQueryLod(gsamplerCubeArrayShadow sampler, vec3 P);



Specifies the sampler to which the texture whose level-of-detail will be queried is bound.


Specifies the texture coordinates at which the level-of-detail will be queried.


Available only in the fragment shader, textureQueryLod computes the level-of-detail that would be used to sample from a texture. The mipmap array(s) that would be accessed is returned in the x component of the return value. The computed level-of-detail relative to the base level is returned in the y component of the return value.

If called on an incomplete texture, the result of the operation is undefined.


OpenGL Shading Language Version
Function Name 1.10 1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 3.30 4.00 4.10 4.20 4.30 4.40 4.50
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