TFBS::PatternGen::Gibbs::Motif(3) class for unprocessed motifs and associated



TFBS::PatternGen::Gibbs::Motif is used to store and manipulate unprocessed motifs and associated numerical scores created by the Gibbs program. You do not normally want to create a TFBS::PatternGen::Gibbs::Motif yourself. They are created by running TFBS::PatternGen::Gibbs


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AUTHOR - Boris Lenhard and Wynand Alkema

Boris Lenhard <Boris.Lenh[email protected]> Wynand Alkema <[email protected]>


The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are preceded with an underscore.


 Title   : MAP
 Usage   : my $map_score = $motif->MAP;
 Function: returns MAP score for the detected motif
           (This is a backward compatibility method. For consistency,
            you should use $motif->tag('MAP_score') instead
 Returns : float (a scalar)
 Args    : none

Other methods

TFBS::PatterGen::Motif::Gibbs inherits from TFBS::PatternGen::Motif, which inherits from TFBS::Matrix. Please consult the documentation of those modules for additional available methods.