tftpd(1) Cobbler tftpd service


tftpd [-h,--help] [-v,--verbose] [-d,--debug] [--version]


A python, cobbler integrated TFTP server. It is suitable to call via xinetd, or as a stand-alone daemon. If called via xinetd, it will run, handling requests, until it has been idle for at least 30 seconds, and will then exit.

This server queries cobbler for information about hosts that make requests, and will instantiate template files from the materialized hosts' 'fetchable_files' attribute.


Douglas Kilpatrick <[email protected]>


This script is in the public domain, free from copyrights or restrictions




Requirement: retransmit Requirement: Ignore stale retrainsmits Security: only return files that are o+r Security: support hosts.allow/deny Security: Make absolute path support optional, and default off Feature: support blksize2 (blksize, limited to powers of 2) Feature: support utimeout (timeout, in ms)


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose
Increase output verbosity
-d, --debug
Debug (vastly increases output verbosity)
-c, --cache
Use a cache to help find hosts w/o IP address
How long an ip->name mapping is valid
How long an ip->name mapping is valid
The location of the 'file' command
How long to wait for input
How to log
The maximum block size to permit
The port to bind to for new requests
Where files are stored by default [/var/lib/tftpboot]
How long to wait for a given request
The user to run as [nobody]
alias for --max-blksize, for in.tftpd compatibility