TIFFWriteTile(3) encode and write a tile of data to an open


#include <tiffio.h>

tsize_t TIFFWriteTile(TIFF *tif, tdata_t buf, uint32 x, uint32 y, uint32 z, tsample_t sample)


Write the data for the tile containing the specified coordinates. The data in buf are is (potentially) compressed, and written to the indicated file, normally being appended to the end of the file. The buffer must be contain an entire tile of data. Applications should call the routine TIFFTileSize to find out the size (in bytes) of a tile buffer. The x and y parameters are always used by TIFFWriteTile. The z parameter is used if the image is deeper than 1 slice (ImageDepth>1). The sample parameter is used only if data are organized in separate planes (PlanarConfiguration=2).


TIFFWriteTile returns -1 if it detects an error; otherwise the number of bytes in the tile is returned.


All error messages are directed to the TIFFError(3TIFF) routine.