TilEm2(1) a GTK+ TI Z80 calculator emulator


tilem2 [--help] [-h] [--rom=] [--skin=] [--model=] [--state-file=] [--without-skin] [--reset] [--get-var=] [--play-macro=] [--debug] [--normal-speed] [--full-speed] [filename]


The TilEm2 program allows you to emulate your Texas Intruments calculator on your computer. It has also additional features such as screenshotting, loading OSes and apps, FLASH writing and erasing, macro scripting, debugger, and virtual linking.


For running a specific rom, simply pass the ROM's file name to the program. Options must be passed before the filename.

tilem2 accepts the following options:

-h, --help
Display a list of all command line options.
Reset the calculator at startup. You will lose anything that you were working on in that calculator state.
--rom=FILE, -r=FILE
Load a specific ROM file instead of the ROM saved in your configuration.
--skin=FILE, -k=FILE
Use a specific skin file instead of the skin saved in your configuration.
--model=FILE, -m=NAME
Use a specific calculator model instead of the model autodetected by TilEm2.
--without-skin, -l
Do not use any skins for the calculator display.
--state-file=FILE, -s=FILE
Load a specific ROM state file instead of the ROM state saved in your configuration.
Load a variable into the calculator on startup.
--play-macro=FILE, -p=FILE
Run a calculator macro on startup.
--debug, -d
Enable emulator debugging.
Run at normal speed --full-speed Run at maximum speed --display=
DISPLAY X display to use


Run a particular ROM file:
tilem2 --rom=myrom.rom
Emulate a TI-84+ SE ROM in TI-83:
tilem2 --rom=sillyrom.rom --model=TI83


TilEm2 was written by Romain Lievin, Benjamin Moody, Duponchelle Thibault and others. This manual page was written by Albert Huang <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was subsequently revised by Andreas B. Mundt <[email protected]>.