tinc-gui(8) tinc GUI


[-n ] [--net = NETNAME ] [--pidfile = FILENAME ] [--help ]


This is a Python/wxWidgets based graphical user interface for tinc, a secure virtual private network (VPN) project. communicates with tincd(8) to alter and inspect the running VPN's state. It can show the current settings, the list of connections, nodes, subnets, and edges. For now, the debug level can be changed from the GUI, and by right-clicking on a node in the list of connections, a pop-up menu will appear that allows one to disconnect that node.


-n, -net = NETNAME
Communicate with tincd(8) connected with NETNAME
--pidfile = FILENAME
Use the cookie from FILENAME to authenticate with a running tinc daemon. If unspecified, the default is /var/run/tinc. NETNAME .pid.
Display short list of options.


The GUI is not finished yet, the final version will have much more functionality. If you find any bugs, report them to [email protected].


An Ivo Timmermans An Guus Sliepen Aq [email protected]

And thanks to many others for their contributions to tinc!