tinydns2dlf(1) convert tinydns logs, as created by multilog, to dlf




This script converts each line in a tinydns(1) query log, with timestamps as created by multilog(1) to a dns dlf record. tinydns is part of djbdns. multilog is part of daemontools.

Logging data is printed automatically by tinydns. A typical line in a log file would look like this:

 @400000003e67eeb414752ccc 7f000001:eb9f:80bd + 0001 www.slashdot.org


To process a log as produced by tinydns:

 $ tai64nfraq < current | tinydns2dlf

tinydns2dlf will be rarely used on its own, but is more likely called by lr_log2report:

 $ lr_log2report tinydns < /service/tinydns/log/main/current


$Id: tinydns2dlf.in,v 1.8 2006/07/23 13:16:33 vanbaal Exp $


Copyright (C) 2003 Christopher Boumenot

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Christopher Boumenot