tk707(1) a drum machine


tk707 [options]


tk707 emulates the Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer. It can be used with external MIDI hardware, a capable sound card or Timidity plus any sound card supported by ALSA. Output can also be saved to a file. The complete documentation in info and html formats are available in and tk707.html, respectively.


tk707 -l
tk707 -p 64:0
tk707 -p 128:0 -display


List the available ALSA sound output ports.
-p port
Use this port
-small | -medium | -normalsize

        Set the size of the window, since some screens are too small
        for the whole window. 

Display to use (example: myhost:0.0).
-use Window id
Id of window in which to embed application. The Window id can be obtained e.g. by using xwininfo(1).
Initial geometry for window
Name to use for application.
Use synchronous mode for display server.
Visual for main window.
Colormap for main window.
-h | -help
Print very short help.


Chris Willing <[email protected]>
Pierre Saramito <[email protected]>