Tk_InitConsoleChannels(3) Install the console channels as standard channels


#include <tk.h>



Tcl_Interp *interp (in) Interpreter in which the console channels are created.


Tk_InitConsoleChannels is invoked to create a set of console channels and install them as the standard channels. All I/O on these channels will be discarded until Tk_CreateConsoleWindow is called to attach the console to a text widget.

This function is for use by shell applications based on Tk, like wish, on platforms which have no standard channels in graphical mode, like Win32.

The interp argument is the interpreter in which to create and install the console channels.

NOTE: If this function is used it has to be called before the first call to Tcl_RegisterChannel, directly, or indirectly through other channel functions. Because otherwise the standard channels will be already initialized to the system defaults, which will be nonsensical for the case Tk_InitConsoleChannels is for.


standard channels, console