TkMan(1) an advanced graphical information pages browser

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TkMan does not have a manpage in *roff format other then this page. Making such a man page does not seem in place for the following reasons:
The official documentation is complete and can be read by looking for the TkMan page from within TkMan itslef. This way the user can benefit from all TkMan's features for reading man pages.
The first thing that is being displayed when TkMan is run is the official documentation.
It can be always viewd by requesting the TkMan page.
One of TkMan's basic functionalities is a man page viewer. Since TkMan shows its official documentation when looking for TkMan man page it seems odd to require another man page viewer in order to be able to work with it.

See Also

An html version of the TkMan page can be found in /usr/share/doc/tkman/manual.html.


tkman author is Tom Phelps.

This information page was written by Shaul Karl for the Debian GNU/Linux project.