tlp::AbstractView(3) Abstract view provide interactors' functions.


#include <AbstractView.h>

Inherits tlp::View.

Inherited by tlp::GlMainView.

Public Slots

bool eventFilter (QObject *object, QEvent *event)

Public Member Functions

AbstractView ()

virtual ~AbstractView ()

virtual QWidget * construct (QWidget *parent)

QWidget * getWidget ()

virtual std::list< QAction * > * getInteractorsActionList ()

virtual tlp::Iterator< tlp::Interactor * > * getInteractors () const

tlp::Interactor::ID pushInteractor (tlp::Interactor *interactor)

void popInteractor ()

void removeInteractor (tlp::Interactor::ID id)

tlp::Interactor::ID resetInteractors (tlp::Interactor *interactor=NULL)

std::vector< tlp::Interactor::ID > resetInteractors (const std::vector< tlp::Interactor * > &interactors)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void specificEventFilter (QObject *object, QEvent *event)

virtual void buildContextMenu (QObject *object, QMouseEvent *event, QMenu *contextMenu)

virtual void computeContextMenuAction (QAction *action)

virtual void constructInteractorsMap ()

virtual void constructInteractorsActionList ()

void setCentralWidget (QWidget *widget)

Protected Attributes

tlp::Interactor::ID _id

std::vector< tlp::Interactor * > _interactors

std::map< std::string, std::vector< Interactor * > > interactorsMap

std::list< QAction * > interactorsActionList

QWidget * widget

QVBoxLayout * mainLayout

QWidget * centralWidget

Detailed Description

Abstract view provide interactors' functions.

Abstract view provide a View with interactors' basic functions like getInteractors, pushInteractor and popInteractor You can inherit from it if you want this functions In tulip-qt GlMainView inherit from it

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::AbstractView::AbstractView ()Basic constructor

virtual tlp::AbstractView::~AbstractView () [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::buildContextMenu (QObject * object, QMouseEvent * event, QMenu * contextMenu) [inline, protected, virtual]empty function : implement this function if you want a context menu when you right click the mouse

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::computeContextMenuAction (QAction * action) [inline, protected, virtual]empty function : implement this function if you have implement buildContextMenu()

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

virtual QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::construct (QWidget * parent) [virtual]Construct GUI of the view


QWidget is the main widget of the view (in MainController this widget will be add to workspace)

Implements tlp::View.

Reimplemented in tlp::GlMainView, and tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::constructInteractorsActionList () [inline, protected, virtual]construct the storage of interactors' action

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::constructInteractorsMap () [inline, protected, virtual]construct the storage of interactors

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

bool tlp::AbstractView::eventFilter (QObject * object, QEvent * event) [slot]this function is call by Qt this function call specificEventFilter, buildContextMenu and computeContextMenu

virtual tlp::Iterator<tlp::Interactor *>* tlp::AbstractView::getInteractors () const [virtual]get interactors of widget


list of interactor installed on this widget

virtual std::list<QAction *>* tlp::AbstractView::getInteractorsActionList () [virtual]Get Interactors action (in MainController actions will be add to graphToolBar)


: QAction* must be the same at each call

Implements tlp::View.

QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::getWidget () [inline]

void tlp::AbstractView::popInteractor ()remove the last added interactor from the event filters list and delete it

tlp::Interactor::ID tlp::AbstractView::pushInteractor (tlp::Interactor * interactor)install a clone of the interactor as event filter and assign the returned id

void tlp::AbstractView::removeInteractor (tlp::Interactor::ID id)remove the interactor with id from the event filters list and delete it

std::vector<tlp::Interactor::ID> tlp::AbstractView::resetInteractors (const std::vector< tlp::Interactor * > & interactors)remove all iteractors and delete them, then install clones of the interactors

tlp::Interactor::ID tlp::AbstractView::resetInteractors (tlp::Interactor * interactor = NULL)remove all interactors and delete them, push a new one if any

void tlp::AbstractView::setCentralWidget (QWidget * widget) [protected]set the central widget of the view call this function to set view's centralWidget

virtual void tlp::AbstractView::specificEventFilter (QObject * object, QEvent * event) [inline, protected, virtual]empty function : implement this function if you want a specific event filter in your view

Reimplemented in tlp::NodeLinkDiagramComponent.

Member Data Documentation

tlp::Interactor::ID tlp::AbstractView::_id [protected]

std::vector<tlp::Interactor *> tlp::AbstractView::_interactors [protected]

QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::centralWidget [protected]

std::list<QAction *> tlp::AbstractView::interactorsActionList [protected]

std::map<std::string,std::vector<Interactor *> > tlp::AbstractView::interactorsMap [protected]

QVBoxLayout* tlp::AbstractView::mainLayout [protected]

QWidget* tlp::AbstractView::widget [protected]


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