tlp::Controller(3) Tulip controller interface class.


#include <Controller.h>

Inherited by tlp::MainController.


void willBeClosed ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Controller ()

virtual void attachMainWindow (MainWindowFacade facade)

virtual void setData (Graph *graph=0, DataSet dataSet=DataSet())=0

virtual void getData (Graph **graph, DataSet *data)=0

virtual Graph * getGraph ()=0

Protected Attributes

MainWindowFacade mainWindowFacade

Detailed Description

Tulip controller interface class.

Tulip controller interface class If you want to create a new Controller : implement setData and getData and extend attachMainWindow (see attachMainWindow description)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual tlp::Controller::~Controller () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::Controller::attachMainWindow (MainWindowFacade facade) [virtual]Attach the main window to this controller Extend this function in your controller because attachMainWindow must construct the GUI


In new attachMainWindow function call Controller::attachMainWindow(MainWindowFacade) At default when tulip start with only one controller this controller is autoload and attachMainWindow function is call

Reimplemented in tlp::MainController.

virtual void tlp::Controller::getData (Graph ** graph, DataSet * data) [pure virtual]Get the graph and the dataSet of this controller


the graph and the dataSet who will be store in tlp file

Implemented in tlp::MainController.

virtual Graph* tlp::Controller::getGraph () [pure virtual]Get the graph of this controller


the graph

Implemented in tlp::MainController.

virtual void tlp::Controller::setData (Graph * graph = 0, DataSet dataSet = DataSet()) [pure virtual]Set data of controller graph and dataSet may be empty

Implemented in tlp::MainController.

void tlp::Controller::willBeClosed () [signal]

Member Data Documentation

MainWindowFacade tlp::Controller::mainWindowFacade [protected]


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