tlp::GlBox(3) General class used to render boxes as GlEntity.


#include <GlBox.h>

Inherits tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Public Member Functions

GlBox ()

GlBox (const Coord &position, const Size &size, const Color &color)

GlBox (Coord points[8], const Color &color)

GlBox (const Coord &frontTopLeft, const Coord &backBottomRight, const Color &color)

virtual ~GlBox ()

virtual void draw (float lod, Camera *camera)

void setSize (const Size &size)

void setPosition (const Coord &position)

Size * getSize () const

virtual void translate (const Coord &mouvement)

virtual void getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

virtual void setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

Protected Member Functions

void computePoints ()

void computeFaces ()

Protected Attributes

Coord * position

Color * color

Size * size

Coord * points [N_BOX_POINTS]

GlPolygon * faces [N_BOX_FACES]

Detailed Description

General class used to render boxes as GlEntity.

This class is a generic class to render boxes as GlEntity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlBox::GlBox ()The default constructor


It's usage is forbidden.

tlp::GlBox::GlBox (const Coord & position, const Size & size, const Color & color)Constructor from size


position The center of the box.
size The length of each dimension of the box.
color The color of the box.

tlp::GlBox::GlBox (Coord points[8], const Color & color)Constructor from points


points Each point of the box. c.f. the variable 'points' to know the placement.
color The color of the box.

tlp::GlBox::GlBox (const Coord & frontTopLeft, const Coord & backBottomRight, const Color & color)Constructor from bounding box


frontTopLeft The position of the point at the front-top-left of the box (points[0]).
backbottomRight The position of the point at the back-bottom-right of the box (points[6]).
color The color of the box.

virtual tlp::GlBox::~GlBox () [virtual]Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::GlBox::computeFaces () [protected]Function used to compute the GlADQuad from the points of the box.

void tlp::GlBox::computePoints () [protected]Function used to compute the points of the box from a center and a size.

virtual void tlp::GlBox::draw (float lod, Camera * camera) [virtual]Virtual function used to draw the box.

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Size* tlp::GlBox::getSize () constAccessor in reading to the size.

virtual void tlp::GlBox::getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode) [virtual]Function to export data in XML

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

void tlp::GlBox::setPosition (const Coord & position)Accessor in writing to the position.

void tlp::GlBox::setSize (const Size & size)Accessor in writing to the size.

virtual void tlp::GlBox::setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode) [virtual]Function to set data with XML

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

virtual void tlp::GlBox::translate (const Coord & mouvement) [virtual]Translate entity

Reimplemented from tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Member Data Documentation

Color* tlp::GlBox::color [protected]The color of the box

GlPolygon* tlp::GlBox::faces[N_BOX_FACES] [protected]Stores a GlPolygon per face

Coord* tlp::GlBox::points[N_BOX_POINTS] [protected]The coordinates of each of the 8 points of the box.


points[0] = front top left

points[1] = front top right

points[2] = front bottom right

points[3] = front bottom left

points[4] = back top left

points[5] = back top right

points[6] = back bottom right

points[7] = back bottom left

Coord* tlp::GlBox::position [protected]The position of the center of the box

Size* tlp::GlBox::size [protected]size is the 'radius' of the box


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