tlp::GlConvexHull(3) Class used to represent ConvexHull.


#include <GlConvexHull.h>

Inherits tlp::GlComposite.

Public Member Functions

GlConvexHull ()

GlConvexHull (const std::vector< Coord > &points, const std::vector< Color > &fillColors, const std::vector< Color > &outlineColors, const bool filled, const bool outlined, const std::string &name, bool computeHull=true)

virtual ~GlConvexHull ()

virtual void acceptVisitor (GlSceneVisitor *visitor)

std::string getName ()

virtual void draw (float lod, Camera *camera)

virtual void translate (const Coord &mouvement)

void getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

void setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode)

Static Public Member Functions

static ConvexHullItem * buildConvexHullsFromHierarchy (Graph *graph, std::vector< Color > fColors, std::vector< Color > oColors, bool deduceFromChilds=true, Graph *root=0, unsigned int depth=0)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Coord > _points

std::vector< Color > _fillColors

std::vector< Color > _outlineColors

bool _filled

bool _outlined

std::string _name

Detailed Description

Class used to represent ConvexHull.

Class used to represent ConvexHull. GlHierarchyConvexHull class use this to create all convexHull of the graph

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlConvexHull::GlConvexHull () [inline]Default constructor

tlp::GlConvexHull::GlConvexHull (const std::vector< Coord > & points, const std::vector< Color > & fillColors, const std::vector< Color > & outlineColors, const bool filled, const bool outlined, const std::string & name, bool computeHull = true)Build a Polygon with the convex hull of points

virtual tlp::GlConvexHull::~GlConvexHull () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::GlConvexHull::acceptVisitor (GlSceneVisitor * visitor) [inline, virtual]Function used to visit composite's children

Reimplemented from tlp::GlComposite.

static ConvexHullItem* tlp::GlConvexHull::buildConvexHullsFromHierarchy (Graph * graph, std::vector< Color > fColors, std::vector< Color > oColors, bool deduceFromChilds = true, Graph * root = 0, unsigned int depth = 0) [static]Static function who build a hierarchy of convexHull with the given graph

virtual void tlp::GlConvexHull::draw (float lod, Camera * camera) [virtual]Draw the convexHull

Reimplemented from tlp::GlComposite.

std::string tlp::GlConvexHull::getName () [inline]Retrun the name of this convex hull

void tlp::GlConvexHull::getXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode) [virtual]Get the data in XML form

Reimplemented from tlp::GlComposite.

void tlp::GlConvexHull::setWithXML (xmlNodePtr rootNode) [virtual]Set the data with XML

Reimplemented from tlp::GlComposite.

virtual void tlp::GlConvexHull::translate (const Coord & mouvement) [virtual]Translate entity

Reimplemented from tlp::GlComposite.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<Color> tlp::GlConvexHull::_fillColors [protected]

bool tlp::GlConvexHull::_filled [protected]

std::string tlp::GlConvexHull::_name [protected]

std::vector<Color> tlp::GlConvexHull::_outlineColors [protected]

bool tlp::GlConvexHull::_outlined [protected]

std::vector<Coord> tlp::GlConvexHull::_points [protected]


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