tlp::GraphObserver(3) Observer for Graph.


#include <ObservableGraph.h>

Inherited by tlp::AcyclicTest, tlp::BiconnectedTest, tlp::ConnectedTest [private], tlp::GraphProperty, tlp::OuterPlanarTest [private], tlp::PlanarityTest, tlp::SimpleTest, tlp::TreeTest [private], and tlp::TriconnectedTest [private].

Public Member Functions

virtual ~GraphObserver ()

virtual void addNode (Graph *, const node)

virtual void addEdge (Graph *, const edge)

virtual void delNode (Graph *, const node)

virtual void delEdge (Graph *, const edge)

virtual void reverseEdge (Graph *, const edge)

virtual void destroy (Graph *)

virtual void addSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *)

virtual void delSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *)

virtual void addLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &)

virtual void delLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &)

Detailed Description

Observer for Graph.

The Observer pattern is described in the lecture notes and pp293-304 of Design Patterns by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides. It is a framework for handling state dependency between observer and observed object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual tlp::GraphObserver::~GraphObserver () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::addEdge (Graph *, const edge) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::addLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::addNode (Graph *, const node) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::addSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::delEdge (Graph *, const edge) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::delLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::delNode (Graph *, const node) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::delSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *) [inline, virtual]

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::destroy (Graph *) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in tlp::GraphProperty.

virtual void tlp::GraphObserver::reverseEdge (Graph *, const edge) [inline, virtual]


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