tlp::MainWindowFacade(3) Facade of QMainWindow.


#include <Controller.h>

Public Member Functions

MainWindowFacade ()

MainWindowFacade (QMainWindow *mainWindow, QToolBar *toolBar, QToolBar *interactorsToolBar, QWorkspace *workspace)

QWidget * getParentWidget ()

QMenuBar * getMenuBar ()

QToolBar * getToolBar ()

QToolBar * getInteractorsToolBar ()

QWorkspace * getWorkspace ()

QStatusBar * getStatusBar ()

void addDockWidget (Qt::DockWidgetArea area, QDockWidget *dockWidget)

Detailed Description

Facade of QMainWindow.

This class provide a facade of QMainWindow It is used by Controller to acces to QMainWindow

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::MainWindowFacade::MainWindowFacade ()basic constructor : no use it

tlp::MainWindowFacade::MainWindowFacade (QMainWindow * mainWindow, QToolBar * toolBar, QToolBar * interactorsToolBar, QWorkspace * workspace)default constructor

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::MainWindowFacade::addDockWidget (Qt::DockWidgetArea area, QDockWidget * dockWidget) [inline]Add a dock widget to QMainWindow This function call QMainWindow::addDockWidget(Qt::DockWidgetArea,QDockWidget)

QToolBar* tlp::MainWindowFacade::getInteractorsToolBar () [inline]

QMenuBar* tlp::MainWindowFacade::getMenuBar () [inline]get menu bar


the menu bar

QWidget* tlp::MainWindowFacade::getParentWidget () [inline]Get the parent widget : use it as parent if you want to create a QDialog (for example)


QWidget returned is QMainWindow but for prevent segfault don't use it as QMainWindow

QStatusBar* tlp::MainWindowFacade::getStatusBar () [inline]get status bar


the status bar

QToolBar* tlp::MainWindowFacade::getToolBar () [inline]

QWorkspace* tlp::MainWindowFacade::getWorkspace () [inline]get workspace


the workspace


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