tlp::ObservableGraph(3) Observable object for graph.


#include <ObservableGraph.h>

Inherited by tlp::Graph.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ObservableGraph ()

void addGraphObserver (GraphObserver *) const

unsigned int countGraphObservers ()

void removeGraphObserver (GraphObserver *) const

void removeGraphObservers ()

Protected Member Functions

void notifyAddNode (Graph *, const node n)

void notifyAddEdge (Graph *, const edge e)

void notifyDelNode (Graph *, const node n)

void notifyDelEdge (Graph *, const edge e)

void notifyReverseEdge (Graph *, const edge e)

void notifyAddSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *)

void notifyDelSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *)

void notifyAddLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &)

void notifyDelLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &)

void notifyDestroy (Graph *)

Protected Attributes

stdext::slist< GraphObserver * > observers

Detailed Description

Observable object for graph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual tlp::ObservableGraph::~ObservableGraph () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::ObservableGraph::addGraphObserver (GraphObserver * obs) const [inline]Register a new observer

unsigned int tlp::ObservableGraph::countGraphObservers () [inline]Returns the number of observers

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyAddEdge (Graph *, const edge e) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyAddLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyAddNode (Graph *, const node n) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyAddSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyDelEdge (Graph *, const edge e) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyDelLocalProperty (Graph *, const std::string &) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyDelNode (Graph *, const node n) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyDelSubGraph (Graph *, Graph *) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyDestroy (Graph *) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::notifyReverseEdge (Graph *, const edge e) [protected]

void tlp::ObservableGraph::removeGraphObserver (GraphObserver * item) const [inline]Remove an observer

void tlp::ObservableGraph::removeGraphObservers () [inline]Remove all observers

Member Data Documentation

stdext::slist<GraphObserver*> tlp::ObservableGraph::observers [mutable, protected]


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