tlp::TreeTest(3) Class for testing if the graph is a tree.


#include <TreeTest.h>

Inherits tlp::GraphObserver.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isTree (Graph *graph)

static bool isFreeTree (Graph *graph)

static void makeRootedTree (Graph *freeTree, node root)

static void makeDirectedTree (Graph *freeTree, node root)

static Graph * computeTree (Graph *graph, Graph *rootGraph=0, bool isConnected=false, PluginProgress *pluginProgress=0)

static void cleanComputedTree (Graph *graph, Graph *tree)

Detailed Description

Class for testing if the graph is a tree.

Member Function Documentation

static void tlp::TreeTest::cleanComputedTree (Graph * graph, Graph * tree) [static]Clean the graph from a tree previously computed with the computeRootedTree function

static Graph* tlp::TreeTest::computeTree (Graph * graph, Graph * rootGraph = 0, bool isConnected = false, PluginProgress * pluginProgress = 0) [static]Compute a rooted tree from the graph. The algorithm is the following

  • if the graph is a rooted tree, return the graph
  • if the graph is a free tree, return a rooted copy
  • if the graph is connected, make a copy return a rooted spanning tree of that copy
  • if the graph is not connected, make a copy, compute a tree for each of its connected components, add a simple source and return the copy.

static bool tlp::TreeTest::isFreeTree (Graph * graph) [static]

static bool tlp::TreeTest::isTree (Graph * graph) [static]

static void tlp::TreeTest::makeDirectedTree (Graph * freeTree, node root) [inline, static]

static void tlp::TreeTest::makeRootedTree (Graph * freeTree, node root) [static]


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