tlp::TulipStats(3) Panel widget using tulip data to compute statistical results.


#include <TulipStatsWidget.h>

Public Member Functions

TulipStats (QWidget *parent=0)

~TulipStats ()

void setSGHierarchyWidgetWidget (SGHierarchyWidget *)

Graph * getGraph ()

GlMainWidget * getGlMainWidget ()

void setGlMainWidget (GlMainWidget *)

void destroy (Graph *)

Protected Attributes

GlMainWidget * glMainWidget

Graph * graph

tlp::StatisticResults * statsResults

SGHierarchyWidget * clusterTreeWidget

int histoMax

std::vector< DoubleProperty * > metrics

int nMetrics

float discretizationStep [3]

Detailed Description

Panel widget using tulip data to compute statistical results.

This class is a widget which takes places in the main interface of tulip, in the tabwidget of properties. This panel has mainly 3 uses :

-Firstly : It changes the graph placement and order it under the form of an histogram or a scatter plot according to a defined number of metrics (up to 3). -Secondly : It computes and display some basic statistics results on the graph : average, variance, standard deviation, bounding box, linear regression and eigenvectors. -Thirdly : It clusterize the graph by a plane which is based upon statistic results calculated above.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::TulipStats::TulipStats (QWidget * parent = 0)Base constructor.

tlp::TulipStats::~TulipStats ()Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::TulipStats::destroy (Graph *)Overriden function used to notify when the graph is going to be destroyed :

GlMainWidget* tlp::TulipStats::getGlMainWidget ()Accessor in reading to the glMainWidget.

Graph* tlp::TulipStats::getGraph ()Accessor in reading to the graph.

void tlp::TulipStats::setGlMainWidget (GlMainWidget *)Accessor in writing to the glMainWidget.

void tlp::TulipStats::setSGHierarchyWidgetWidget (SGHierarchyWidget *)Function used by viewGl to set the reference to the clusterTree.

Member Data Documentation

SGHierarchyWidget* tlp::TulipStats::clusterTreeWidget [protected]A reference to the clusterTree widget of the properties panel, to make an up to date

float tlp::TulipStats::discretizationStep[3] [protected]The discretization step used to regroup informations

GlMainWidget* tlp::TulipStats::glMainWidget [protected]A reference to the graphwidget we are currently editing

Graph* tlp::TulipStats::graph [protected]A reference to the graph we are considering

int tlp::TulipStats::histoMax [protected]The value of the biggest column in the case of an histogram. Used to fit correctly the augmented displays

std::vector<DoubleProperty*> tlp::TulipStats::metrics [protected]The metrics used for the computation

int tlp::TulipStats::nMetrics [protected]The number of metrics used. $ 1
sults* tlp::TulipStats::statsResults [protected]"A structure to store the results of the calculus


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