tlp::Vector(3) class for mathematical vector


#include <Vector.h>

Inherits tlp::Array< Obj, SIZE >.

Public Member Functions

VECTOR & operator*= (const Obj &)

VECTOR & operator*= (const VECTOR &)

VECTOR & operator/= (const Obj &)

VECTOR & operator/= (const VECTOR &)

VECTOR & operator+= (const Obj &)

VECTOR & operator+= (const VECTOR &)

VECTOR & operator-= (const Obj &)

VECTOR & operator-= (const VECTOR &)

VECTOR & operator^= (const VECTOR &)

VECTOR operator+ (const VECTOR &) const

VECTOR operator+ (const Obj &) const

VECTOR operator- (const VECTOR &) const

VECTOR operator- (const Obj &) const

VECTOR operator/ (const VECTOR &) const

VECTOR operator/ (const Obj &) const

VECTOR operator^ (const VECTOR &) const

bool operator!= (const VECTOR &) const

bool operator== (const VECTOR &) const

VECTOR & fill (const Obj &obj)

Obj norm () const

Obj dist (const VECTOR &) const

Obj dotProduct (const VECTOR &) const

Detailed Description

class for mathematical vector

Enables to create a Vector of Obj with a limited size and provides Mathematical operation. Mathematical operators must be defined for Obj. Out of bound accesses are only checked in debug mode.


: David Auber [email protected]


0.0.1 24/01/2003

Member Function Documentation

Obj tlp::Vector::dist (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

Obj tlp::Vector::dotProduct (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::fill (const Obj & obj) [inline]

Obj tlp::Vector::norm () const [inline]

bool tlp::Vector::operator!= (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator*= (const VECTOR &) [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator*= (const Obj &) [inline]

Reimplemented in tlp::Matrix< Obj, SIZE >.

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator+ (const Obj &) const [inline]

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator+ (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator+= (const VECTOR &) [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator+= (const Obj &) [inline]

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator- (const Obj &) const [inline]

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator- (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator-= (const VECTOR &) [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator-= (const Obj &) [inline]

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator/ (const Obj &) const [inline]

Reimplemented in tlp::Matrix< Obj, SIZE >.

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator/ (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator/= (const VECTOR &) [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator/= (const Obj &) [inline]

Reimplemented in tlp::Matrix< Obj, SIZE >.

bool tlp::Vector::operator== (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR tlp::Vector::operator^ (const VECTOR &) const [inline]

VECTOR& tlp::Vector::operator^= (const VECTOR &) [inline]


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