tlp::ViewPluginsManager(3) Manager of view's plugins.


#include <ViewPluginsManager.h>

Public Member Functions

void loadPlugins (PluginLoader *plug=0)

void initViewPluginsList (MutableContainer< View * > &views)

View * createView (const std::string &name)

Static Public Member Functions

static ViewPluginsManager & getInst ()

Detailed Description

Manager of view's plugins.

Class to manage view's plugins

Member Function Documentation

View* tlp::ViewPluginsManager::createView (const std::string & name)Create view with given name


The view

static ViewPluginsManager& tlp::ViewPluginsManager::getInst () [inline, static]Singleton system

void tlp::ViewPluginsManager::initViewPluginsList (MutableContainer< View * > & views)Get available plugins list

void tlp::ViewPluginsManager::loadPlugins (PluginLoader * plug = 0)Load all view's plugins available


plug : Use this plugin loader


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