TM-score(1) an algorithm to calculate the similarity of topologies of two protein structures


This documentation refers to TM-score version released on 2011/01/30


1. Run TM-score to compare 'model' and 'native':

TMscore model native

2. Run TM-score with an assigned d0, e.g. 5 Angstroms:

    TMscore model native -d 5

3. Run TM-score with superposition output, e.g. 'TM.sup', and view in Rasmol:

    TMscore model native -o TM.sup
    rasmol -script TM.sup


This program is to compare two protein structures and identify the best superposition that has the highest TM-score. Input structures must be in the PDB format. By default, TM-score is normalized by the second protein. Users can obtain a brief instruction by simply running the program without arguments.


-o filename.sup Outputs the superposition to the specified file,
   suitable for use in rasmol.

-d value Sets d0 to the specified number of angstroms.


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This manpage was compiled by Tim Booth ([email protected])