tmx2tmx(1) utility to convert and filter TMX files


  tmx2tmx -cat file1.tmx ... filen.tmx > file.tmx
  tmx2tmx -toTrados file1.tmx > file2.tmx
  tmx2tmx -clean file1.tmx > file2.tmx
  tmx2tmx -select=PT,EN multilingual.tmx > pt-en.tmx


This utility processes TMX documents and return TMX documents. Tasks done with this utility include conversion between TMX versions and TMX cleaning.

TRADOS conversion

As you maybe know, TRADOS is a company producing computer software for translators. It includes WorkBench which imports TMX files. Unfortunately, the version I used do not import TMX version 1.4.

This process is done using the switch "-toTrados":

  tmx2tmx -toTrados file.tmx > trados.tmx

TMX Cleaning

Specially when translation memories are created from anotated text, or extracted directly from the Internet using any automatic method. This switch is used to remove junk in translation units.

This option tries to remove junk from TMX files, like empty pairs where one of the sides is empty, or removing other junk type.

Use it this way:

   tmx2tmx -clean file.tmx > file2.tmx

Concatenating TMX

   tmx2tmx -cat file1.tmx ... filen.tmx > file.tmx
   ls | grep '.tmx$' | tmx2tmx -cat > file.tmx

Select languages

Select a bunch of languages:

    tmx2tmx -select=PT,EN,FR huge.tmx > pt-en-fr.tmx


Alberto Simões, <[email protected]>


Copyright 2004 by Projecto Natura

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.