tos-decode-flid(1) Turn a base-4 Safe TinyOS error code into a human-readable error message


tos-decode-flid flid-file flid


By default, a mote that encounters a safety violation repeatedly blinks a failure code (also called flid, or fault-location identifier) on its LEDs. tos-decode-flid can be used to turn this code into a readable error message.

A flid is a sequence of 8 digits each in the range 0-3. To read this code, wait for the mote's LEDs to "roll," or rapidly blink several times in a 1-2-3 sequence. Next, some number of LEDs will be lit-- write down this number. Usually the first digit or two of the flid will be zero. Following each digit of the flid, all three LEDs will be very briefly illuminated to serve as a separator. After all 8 digits have been presented the LEDs will roll and then the FLID is repeated. Once you have the sequence of 8 digits, it can be decoded using tos-decode-flid.

The flid-file argument specifies a file that helps the script map from the flid to an error message. The flid file is create as a side effect of compiling a safe application; it is placed into the application's build directory and is named flids.txt.